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Show you can be the Best Manager in the Airline Industry 2014 gold

In this challenge you can measure your manager skills related to: PRICE DEFINITION and SIZING YOUR SERVICE .


Where: In this web portal, the "virtual" EuroLine is continuing to fly for the full 2014 (in 4 Quarters)

What: The objective is to maximize the Margin on Short Haul routes.

How: You can decide the discount level on your tickets for the European flights in the businessclass and economy (tourists - groups - incentives); the number of flights to be scheduled on the Short; the type of aircrafts you want to use.

When: This session will define the prize winners on the 4th July 2014 . Decisions expires at 24.00 on the 30th June 2014.

Award: The results will be publish (anonimously) and commented the learning logic and contents... and the 30% of apllications will reward the winners

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