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Educational advantages
 Educational advantages
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  Management games – but not just games.

The goal of the portal is to create value in learning, providing opportunities to experiment with aspects of general management and issues linked to specific corporate functions.

A variety of managerial skills and capacities can be developed through the portal’s simulation tools.

Regardless of the training goal, the experiential learning method provides proven effectiveness, developing control capabilities for quantitative factors and heightening teamwork skills.

Through simulations, managers experiment, acquire more in-depth knowledge, develop skills, and put into practice what they’ve learned at a theoretical level, verifying the relationships in cause and effect systems connecting decisions and results.

Familiarization with quantitative factors favours a familiarity with numbers, leading to improvements in analytical skills, in seeking and identifying information, the orientation of goals, elaborating strategies and tactics, and enhancing problem solving capacities.
At a team level, group work conducted in a group situation obliges participants to share methods and procedures, and identify goals and strategies, crucial factors in building a successful team.

The list of training and learning factors doesn’t stop here, indeed, a detailed list would require an entire website to emphasise other aspects, such as inter-disciplinarity and integration between functions, customer orientation, the quality of business planning, respect for realization times in enacting strategies and operative activities, economic evaluations of alternatives, the identification of returns on investments, the capacity to read markets as well as their evolution and needs, the search for and use of information.