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 Common questions
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What’s a business game?
It’s a business management simulation in which participants, in a group or alone, face off in virtual scenarios, setting up their own strategies with the aim of gauging the impacts of their decisions on their company’s operating and economic results. The portal offers a wide selection of simulations.

How do I participate in a business game?
To participate in a business game, you need to register with the portal and register with one of the existing events and courses on the site. Registration with the portal can be done independently, while a simulation is activated through a request to participate to a specific event or course and is then confirmed via e-mail by the System Administrator.

What games can I register for?
The calendar can be consulted on-line, providing a listing of all programmed games.

*** Universities, school of maagement and companies can request the activation of an ad-hoc session on any model.


How to choose a simulation?
The choice of a simulation depends on specific training goals. Whatever your background (company, business school, university…) analyse the characteristics of each game in the list of existing simulations and check the sessions programmed in the calendar.