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Business Games On Line offers several solution for companies and istitutions (such as Standard and Customised Courses) and to managers and students (who want to test or improve management competence in virtual challenges on specific Events) !

Next events
AIRLINES (15/09/2015)
EURONET - (15/11/2015)
VERTICAL (15/12/2015)
HOTEL (15/10/2015)

What are events?
Events are opportunities to participate to our business games sessions taking place on-line.
In these events, participants square off competitively, working individually or in groups.
Participants have at their disposal a wide variety of supports to assist in entering the simulation and reading their performances, using tools and methods targeted at drawing maximum involvement from players, while broadening their knowledge base.

All the events are published in a six-months-list including:
- the business game used;
- timings for application and game schedule (start, decisions deadlines, end of the challenge);
- perfromance criteria.

Who can register?
All players registered with the portal can apply to the the list of the “event sessions”.
To participate in an event, it is necessary to fill out the form in the personal area (accessible from the Login and Password) under the heading Register.
A confirmation of participation is then sent via e-mail by the System Administrator.
Once access has been activated, participants can access the scenario for the simulation from their “Game page”.

How much does it cost to participate in an event?
Each event has a specific cost which is outlined in the descriptive file. The cost can differ for the participation of single players or teams; in fact, it is possible to register both individually and with a group of friends or colleagues who are part of the same team. For team participation, the fee provides up to 5 personalised accesses, all of whom therefore receive materials, documentation and communications directly from their e-mail addresses.